Custom websites
that perform

Fast, stable, secure custom websites

Loved by humans
and bots

User experience first

Your site will be built from the ground up using best practices. We handle all the technical aspects of ensuring your site provides an experience your users will love, so you can focus the content.

First-class on all platforms

Desktop, mobile, tablet - Your site will be built with responsive layouts that look great on any device, from day one.

Speed is essential

Positive user experience, and effective traffic conversion are also directly linked to fast page load times. Fast page load times also improve your web search engine ranking.

For example, an increase in load time from 1 second to 3 seconds increases the risk of a user leaving the site before it loads by approximately 32%3

The technical stuff - handled

We handle all the technical stuff so you don't have to.


With initial page load times averaging less than 3 seconds, and sub-pages taking less than 1 second to load, static sites are some of the fastest sites on the web1.


Hosted on AWS, with an uptime guarantee of 99.99% or better2, your site will always be available


Built using the latest tech, always up to date.

SEO stats your competition will envy

Example SEO stats

Your site will be built to provide fast page-load times, accessibility features, code best practices and SEO best practices - search engines will love it.

Focus on your content

Example SEO stats

With all the technical stuff handled, you can focus on creating quality content to attract users to your site.

A passionate team

At T3CH (pronounced "Tech") we pride ourselves on being great people to work with. We are passionate about building a product you, and your users will love. We work hard to ensure you will have a great experience from the design phase through to the finished product.

Ready to get started?

[1] Actual load times are dependent internet connection speed and quality, device specifications, and site content

[2] Quoted uptimes are minimum guaranteed uptimes provided by Amazon Web Services

[3] Quoted impact is based on Google research. Actual user bounce/retention rate my vary, and is decided by many technical and non-technical factors.

Chrome Lighthouse scores shown above are examples only. Actual scores for your site will be determined by site content and design choices, as well as factors listed in [1].

Actual site traffic is dependent on many factors, primarily the quality of the content on the site, as well as other factors depending on the search engine in use.

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